How can I help?

Become a member. Join the North Country Public Safety Foundation. Your membership dollars will be used to set up a revolving emergency loan fund that can provide immediate assistance to the families of Public Safety Officers. The fund would then be reimbursed from fundraising activities on the officer?s behalf. Your annual dues are fully deductible.

  • Individual Membership $20
  • Family Membership $50
  • Corporate Sponsor $100
  • Municipal Partner $100

Volunteer your time and talent. We need volunteers for fundraising as well as experts in a wide variety of areas to assist those we serve. Examples would be legal, financial planning, public relations, family services and more.

Spread the word. If you know of an individual or family of a Public Safety Officer in Grafton or Coos County that could benefit from our help, let us know.

Support the fundraising efforts. By helping the North Country Public Safety Foundation, you are helping firefighters, police officers, EMS, and NH Fish and Game or their families that are in need. Monitor our website to see what individuals and communities we are assisting.

North Country Public Safety
Officer Benevolent Foundation
P.O. Box 239
Franconia, NH 03580

T: (603) 823-5748?E:?

Amy AustinHow can I help?